Should People Be Judged By Their Social Media Posting?


There are plenty of social media applications and they help people to express themselves by sharing posts like tweet or photograph. Social media is getting more important in our lives day by day. People use these apps most of the days. We can communicate with our friends by using these apps. We also can reach someone that we dont know before or someone famous. That’s the point of this essay.

We can reach whoever we want and due to social media we can say whatever we want to them. But normally if you say anything that is extremely offensive or insult someone face to face, you may be judged. However most of the countries there are no law about insulting someone by posting content on social media. Do you think it is need to be changed? Should people be judged by their social media posting?

As I said before social media is getting more important in our lives and it benefits to us in many ways. For instance social media apps help us to reach people whether by texting or by video talking. In addition by using some apps we can share our location with our friends and we can find somewhere that we dont know before. And the other benefit that we get from social media, if you have business you can advertise your job and reach too many people really easily thanks to social media. Before social media was as popular as it is now you need to pay a lot of money to advertise your business and reach people. Furthermore thanks to social media we can reach people not just one by one but also as group. In this way you can use your time more efficent.

But just like everything in our lives, social media can be harmful in different ways. For example reaching people easily doesnt mean good things for everyone. Some people that have bad intention use these features to bother someone. Normally if someone bother the other one there are laws to protect the people who are bothered. But in social media people disturb someone especially women and famous people by using fake accounts. This is completely unacceptable. People should not allowed to be disturb someone’s life on social media. I don’t want anyone’s freedom to be restricted but insulting someone is not freedom and no one has the right to do this.

In summary social media is in the center of our lives and in the future it will be more important for us. It makes our life easier. But all of it’s benefits aside we need some precaution to protect everyone. After these precautions social media will be more beneficial and harmless for humanity.


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