Is Online Schooling As Effective As In-Class Education?


Due to Covid-19 virus that affect whole world for nearly six months. A lot of industry had to change their system to get minimum effect from corona virus. For example today most of the companies that work whole around the world started work home office. Just like industries, education system was effected by the corona virus. And to protect the students many school started to online school. People dont go schools anymore. Instead of going schools they follow their lessons online. But the question is online schooling as effective as in-class education?

Students used to go to school and learn things from teacher face to face. With this way they can get socialize and spend time with their friends. In addition in-class education teachers can control students more effectively. They were in the same classroom along the lesson and if anyone try interrupt lesson or not listen to teachers, they can stop the students as soon as they get distracted. Furthermore in-class education, it is harder to get help in the exams for students. Throughout the exam, they have people that observe them to be sure they are not cheating.

On the other hand in online schooling, students watch their teachers from screens and try to learn something with this way. There may be a lot of difficulty in online schooling. For example while students watching their lessons, the electricity may be cut. But you can say there is a solution for that and that is recording lessons, it may help but even if you watch records, you can’t ask your questions immediately. Besides in online schooling, exams are very easy for students they have no one that observe them and even if we get every cautions they can cheat anyway. Therefore the students may not try to learn something because they can pass the exam easily.

In conclusion, due to Covid-19 we have to keep educate students online. But ın my opinion it is not as effective as in class education. There are many disadvantages in online schooling. I hope covid-19 pandemic will end soon. And we can back to educating face to face.


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