Does Young People Must Have A Right To Choose When It Comes To Military?


Every country has their own military forces to protect their borders and make their people live in peace. Furthermore, every country want to have the strongest army and to do that they spend too much money for military forces. Even if wars and pains are unnecessary, whatever we do it has been happened for thousand years and this wont be change. People fight for countries which they belong. While some people doing this for own choose, the others have no right to choose and for them being a soldier is a compulsory. Do you think going to military should be compulsory or should people have right to choose it ?

In some countries, when the people especially men are 18, they have to go to millitary and be a soldier for a while. Of course soldiers are the most important things in an army and every army should have their’s. However being a soldier should not be compulsory. There are a lot of people who will fight willingly for their country and ready to die for in whole around the world. I believe that governments should not force people to go military. Even if they dont make it compulsory they may find how many people that they want.

On the other hand there are some countries that have few population and they need to certain number of soldier to protect their countries, I think these countries may military compulsory if they need. But some countries like Turkey have too many people and also soldier. Neither these countries nor people who live in there need to do it as compulsory. If needed there are millions of people ready for being soldier and defense their country. In addition every soldier has a cost and to not waste countries economy, number of soldier must be as required.

In conclusion, while some countries make military services compulsory the others let their citizens to choose it. In my opinion making it compulsory is wrong and I am sure too much people think same with me. Even so I respect all choices that are decided by countries.


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