Does Technology Play A Role In Making People Feel More Isolated?


Technology is very important for all humanity and it is getting more and more important day by day. Thanks to the technology we live our lives easier than before. For example there are smart phones in everyone’s hand. And that’s the reason for communicating easily. People can reach whoever they want to reach by just one click. In addition we know what happens whole around the world because of internet. However despite all benefits that give us to live easily there are some damages which affect our lives and are important. Today, as you know everyone has their phone and spend so much time maybe most of the day by surfing on the internet, using social media and etc. And people talk less with each other than they did before. So the question is, Does technology play a role in making people feel more isolated?

There are always discussion about whether technology is beneficial or not. I believe that it has more benefit than it has damage. Just not think about telephones or computers, technology means more than this things, Due to technology when we get sick, we can find cure easier. And also transportation system getting more and more advanced every day. There are electric cars today and unlike gasoline powered car, they dont pollute the air. However, we can’t ignore the phones and social media affects. Out of all benefits that provide us to live better, it may damage our lives in different ways. For example today everyone has their own phones and they can communicate with each other by using them. It is not a bad thing communicating easily is good and neccessary sometimes but some people choose this way every time and this may be harmful. Even if we dont realize we started to spend time less in face to face. All we do is sending a message or calling each other when we need to. This make us isolated and lonely. Everyone needs to socialize and should meet their friends. We shouldn’t let technology avoid us to see each other. We should use it in benefical ways.

In conclusion, technology is significant for all of us. While it has thousand of benefits it also has harms like everything. For example being more isolated because of technology is one of the damages. However we are lucky it is in our hands to protect ourselves from these harms. All we need to do is focus on how we can improve technology more and how we can use it more efficent.


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